Empower your workforce with flexible, real-time payment solutions through Aqore’s seamless integration with Netspend!


Netspend is a trusted leader in prepaid cards, offering an alternative to traditional checking accounts, debit cards, credit cards, and cash. They provide a secure and convenient way for employees to manage their finances. It helps back-office teams get rid of paper checks, save money, and work more efficiently while offering one of the most thorough Paycard programs in the industry. 

Its fast and flexible payment options streamline payroll, attract and retain talent, and support employees’ financial health.

Aqore’s Seamless Integration with Netspend​

Aqore Staffing Software integrates with Netspend to give your employees greater flexibility and control over their finances. This integration allows Aqore to securely transmit relevant employee and payroll data to Netspend. In return, Netspend sends data on employee deductions back to Aqore, ensuring a streamlined payroll process.

Key Benefits

Easy Payroll Activation

Easy Payroll Activation

Simplify the onboarding process for new employees with fast and efficient payroll activation through Netspend Paycards.

Eliminate Paper Checks

Eliminate Paper Checks

Reduce administrative burdens and environmental impact by switching from paper checks to electronic payroll disbursements.

Instant Funds

Instant Funds

Provide employees with immediate access to their wages earned, improving financial security and satisfaction.