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One Platform. One Log-in. Truly Integrated!

Streamline each phase of your recruiting and Sales process with Zenople’s workflow automation and task management technology.

Integrated Technology

Zenople is fully integrated with a myriad of partners and integrated technologies! To learn more about our featured integration partners please give us a call!

Front to back-office all in one platform!

Recruiting, Onboarding & Employee Management

Applicant to Employee
  • Applicant Tracking System
    • Automated workflows & tasks engage candidates and decrease drop off
    • Dashboards enable recruiters to track the applicant journey
    • Built-in texting & email for faster communication
  • New Hire Onboarding
  • Employee Information System
    • Technology matching candidates to job orders
    • Dashboard view of employee documents that are going to expire or have expired
    • Redeployment tracking ensures that you don't lose sight of good candidates whose assignments have ended


Lead to Client
  • Lead Tracking System
    • Custom automated workflows and tasks simplify the tracking and qualifying of sales leads
  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • New Client Onboarding
    • Save time and email clients directly from Zenople
    • Eliminate manual documentation as email correspondences auto populate in Zenople
    • Set mark-up’s and optimize your gross profit
    • Payment terms and credit limit settings help control DSO


Jobs to Assignment

Payroll & Invoicing

Payroll Processing to Invoice Creation
  • Payroll Administration System
    • 100% accurate payroll based on geolocation
    • Custom validation and business rules to catch payroll related errors
    • PTO, custom accrual plans and sick pay
  • Invoice Management System
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Time Management

Timesheet Creation
  • Job Candidate System
    • Time Management System
      • Unlimited pay codes, reimbursement and deductions tracking
      • Weekly and daily time
      • Automatic overtime and weighted overtime calculations
      • Bill only transactions

Unemployment & Workers' Compensation Management

Track all Liabilities
  • Unemployment & Workers' Compensation Tracking
    • Seamless integration with employees pay and work history
    • First injury reporting
    • Track all claims with dashboards and automated follow-up’s
    • Manage and track each task with relevant status
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Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Management

Track and pay bills to applying payments
  • Accounts Payable
    • Tracking and paying bills to vendors and third-party agencies
    • Generate direct payments to the deduction and benefits authority
    • Bill detail tracking
  • Accounts Receivable
    • Auto apply accounts receivable payments
    • Warning alerts & hard stop rules for past due accounts
    • Custom DSO tracking and reporting


Custom Dashboards, Reporting and AP
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