Aqore Staffing Software’s Two-Way SMS: Your Tool to Becoming a Winner

People these days can connect in more ways than ever before, all thanks to modern technology. But, one way tops the list of most people i.e. Two-Way SMS.

“SMS texts have a 98% open rate, compared to alternative email, which has a 20% open rate.”

Since people are more likely to open and respond to texts than emails, it’s a smart move for staffing companies to integrate SMS texts in their candidate engagement strategy.

The 2020 State of Staffing Industry Growth Survey conducted by Staffing Hub among 200+ staffing professions found that the biggest communication challenge for staffing firms has been getting ahold of candidates and getting candidates to respond to their outreach. Despite these challenges, there are companies that have been able to achieve fast growth rates through their ability to respond rapidly to the leads. Data reveals that the fast-growth companies took only from a minute to an hour to respond to the leads whereas no-growth companies took up to a maximum of 24 hours.

So, what weapon are these fast-growth companies using to gain a competitive advantage over others? The answer is pretty obvious, isn’t it? Yes, it’s the Two-Way SMS tool!

Read on to unravel how this simple tool overcomes the biggest communication challenge of the year.

Improved Response Rate

Texting is the new millennial form of communication and proves to be more effective, as statistics show that 99% of text messages will be opened, and most will be within the first 3 minutes of being received. This is a drastic difference to email marketing’s average open rate of 33%. This accelerates the hiring process allowing for faster placements. Aqore’s mass SMS feature can be used to send SMS blast to thousands of candidates on one go and receive instantaneous response, in turn helping the firms to fill up temporary positions as soon as possible.

SMS and Email open rate


Personal Touch

Staffing is a personal business and so should be its communication strategy. Recognizing and addressing the needs of individual candidates and clients at the right place and at the right time can help in enhancing their experience. Personalization has never been more important than during these trying times where employees are forced to work from home. For instance, new hires are often overwhelmed during their first day as they feel pressured to get their head around new faces and processes without setting a foot in the office. Aqore’s two-way SMS enables you to send personalized messages such as a quick good luck message which goes a long way in fostering that one-one human connection.

Personal Touch in SMS

Scheduled Messages

One of the benefits of text messaging is that it can be scheduled to be sent whenever you desire. Often, situation arises where you may be required to send the SMS only a day or week later. With a demanding work schedule, there is a high probability that you might actually forget to send it. Aqore’s SMS feature allows you to craft and schedule the message whenever you want it to be sent out; let’s say, if you were sending out an SMS to a candidate or an employee living in a different country then the SMS can be scheduled to match their standard time zone.

Scheduled SMS

Boost Productivity

While texting helps in building and maintaining relationships, it goes beyond that. It connects with your entire network – candidates, contractors, clients, prospects – in real-time. Constant engagement and feedback with the network enable recruiters to detect early warnings and troubleshoot problems right away thereby increasing the overall efficiency and productivity of the business. Through Aqore’s fully integrated SMS feature into the software, you can send SMS to people within your staffing network in each step of the recruitment process to keep that productivity rolling.

Employee Productivity

Do you want to be among the next fast-growth companies in the staffing business? Schedule for a short demo here and we will show you exactly how Aqore’s staffing software with the built-in SMS feature can be your ultimate savior.

Adapting into the World of Remote Hiring & Onboarding

The current pandemic situation has changed the working modality of organizations across all industries including the staffing industry. The word ‘remote’ has taken charge of most of the staffing functions from attracting candidates to onboarding employees to its management. While the concept of working remotely was existent well before the Covid-19 outbreak, channeling remote strategies into the hiring process itself has now become the new norm. If things work out smoothly, this practice is likely to be continued in the post Covid-19 world as well, changing the entire hiring landscape.

However, many of our recruiter friends are still having trouble adjusting to this new norm. To help them rejigger, we have gathered some of the staffing software features that the recruitment agencies can leverage in their remote/digital hiring process.

Video Interviews 

For the safety of the candidates and their own employees, organizations have switched from in-person interviews to video interviews in their hiring process. The availability of a myriad of software applications has enabled recruitment agencies to utilize the video call feature that these platforms offer. Applications like ZoomGoogle Meet, and Skype are some of the trending tools that people use in their everyday lives – be it private or professional.

Video interview

Automated Background Screening

Remote hiring causes recruiters to run the risk of hiring candidates without proper verification of the information provided by them. In order to combat this risk, Aqore in partnership with several background screening companies like AsurintPeopleG2, and Choice has provided its software users with a seamlessly integrated automated background screening feature. This allows for instant background checks on the candidate, shortening the onboarding process as well as removing the hassle of traditional search methods.

Background Check


Digital Onboarding

While many businesses have their hands tied due to the pandemic, recruitment firms, on the other hand, are up and running – all thanks to the digital onboarding technology. Aqore’s digital onboarding feature allows companies to seamlessly deploy customizable online onboarding and remote hiring tools that make the hiring process as easy as 1,2,3. Users can carry out the onboarding process from the comfort of their home without having to worry about physical office items. Recruiters can:

  • Remotely search and source talents with ease
  • Send mass text and emails
  • Maintain records through paperless e-signature onboarding documents
  • Visually track progress in the dashboard

Employ these features in your next hiring process and you’ll be in the ‘remote’ game in no time. To help get started, you can request for our product demo here.