Risk Management

Unemployment & Workers’ Compensation Tracking application system that simplifies compliance and tracking processes by seamlessly integrating employee work and pay history to manage and track unemployment and workers’ compensation claims efficiently.

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Comprehensive Dashboard

Gain valuable insights with tiles displaying real-time claims data, including totals for today, this week, this month, and this year. Track trends and view distribution through trend graphs and pie charts.

Efficient Workflow

Navigate through different stages of work injury claims seamlessly. Manage work injury details under each stage, ensuring a structured and organized approach.

Filter and Search Capabilities

Easily locate specific work injury records using advanced filtering options. Toggle between recent searches and access the necessary information swiftly.

Intuitive Interface

Enjoy a user-friendly interface that simplifies the addition, editing, and viewing of work injury details. Save time and effort with quick access to relevant information.

Task Assignment and Notification

Streamline communication and collaboration by assigning tasks and notifications to designated personnel. Ensure swift resolution and track progress effortlessly.

Employee-centric Views

Easily access detailed employee information, including assignments, customers, and temporary jobs, from the eye view icon. Streamline navigation and retrieve specific details effortlessly.

Task Management

Assign tasks to employees or recruiters, ensuring efficient workflow and timely resolution. Edit, print, and refresh task records as needed.

Seamless Document Handling

Group and manage employee documents based on type. View, download, add, and edit documents effortlessly, enhancing document management capabilities.

Data Import and Export

Import and export unemployment-related plans and data for seamless integration and reporting. Choose the desired file format and efficiently manage data transfer.

Empower Your Business with Effortless Risk Management

Take charge of your risk management process and simplify compliance with our integrated Unemployment & Workers’ Compensation Tracking system. With our cutting-edge features and user-friendly interface, you can ensure seamless claims tracking, eliminate compliance concerns, and stay ahead of the curve. Gain valuable insights through our comprehensive dashboard, effortlessly manage workflows, and quickly locate specific records. Assign tasks, collaborate efficiently, and streamline document handling for optimized productivity. With automated follow-ups and advanced data import/export capabilities, you can focus on what matters most—your business. Join us today and experience Aqore’s Risk Management platform’s transformative power.

    Empower Your Business with Effortless Risk Management

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