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Unlock your business’s full potential with our cutting-edge workforce management solutions. Welcome to a world where tracking and managing employee assignments, streamlining recruitment processes, and seamlessly handling contract jobs become a breeze. Whether you’re an industry leader, a seasoned recruiter, or an organization looking for efficient management solutions, our Assignment Management System (AMS), Job Candidate Management (JCM), Direct-Hire Management (DHM), and Temp Job Management (TJM) platforms offer a seamless experience tailored to your specific needs. Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to a new era of productivity, control, and success.

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Efficient Assignment Tracking

AMS tracks and manages detailed information on employee assignments, providing a comprehensive dashboard with tiles, trend graphs, and pie charts for tracking assignment trends and distribution. Filtering options ensure quick access to specific assignment records.

Streamlined Job Management

DHM and TJM offer dedicated main navigations for managing direct hire jobs and contract jobs, respectively. Users can easily create, edit, and view job details, while favourite actions allow for efficient copying, editing, and refreshing job records.

Candidate Placement and Talent Management

DHM and TJM provide functionalities for candidate placement. DHM allows direct hiring of candidates, while TJM focuses on contract job management. Users can add candidates, assign them to jobs, and manage candidate records. Skill management and interview features further enhance candidate evaluation.

Customization and Flexibility

AMS, DHM, and TJM offer customization options, allowing users to define custom fields, add notes, and personalized information related to assignments, job orders, and contract jobs. Custom workflows and automation tools streamline processes and save time.

Effective Communication

AMS, DHM, and TJM facilitate communication through comments, user roles, and contact management. Users can add, edit, view comments, assign roles, and communicate with contacts involved in assignments, job orders, and contract jobs.

Comprehensive Reporting

AMS provides reports on open audit logs, assignment details, and pay history. DHM and TJM offer assignment reports, assignment rates, and job posting reports. These reporting features enable data-driven decision-making and performance analysis.

Mobile and Web Accessibility

The systems offer web and mobile access through portals, allowing users to access information, import/export documents, and perform tasks remotely, ensuring convenience and flexibility.

Work Injury Management

AMS includes features for managing work injury records, allowing users to add, edit, and categorize injuries based on status. This feature promotes safety compliance and simplifies work injury management.

Integration with Job Portals

DHM and TJM offer job posting features that integrate with various job portals, expanding job visibility and attracting a wider pool of candidates.

Document Management

TJM provides document management capabilities, allowing users to access and download job-related documents, ensuring easy document organization and retrieval.

Empower Your Business with Advanced Workforce Management Solutions

With our advanced features, such as comprehensive dashboards, powerful filtering options, candidate placement and talent management functionalities, customization capabilities, and integrated communication channels, you’ll gain unparalleled control over your workforce management. Leverage real-time insights, streamline operations, and make data-driven decisions effortlessly. Our mobile and web accessibility ensures flexibility and convenience, allowing you to manage your workforce from anywhere. Embrace efficiency, growth, and success with our workforce management solutions. Step into the future of workforce management today.

    Empower Your Business with Advanced Workforce Management Solutions

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