Payroll Processing

Advanced payroll processing application system that simplifies payroll administration needs provides 100% accurate payroll based on geolocation and catches payroll-related errors before they happen through custom validation and business rules. Manage PTO, custom accrual plans, and sick pay all in one place, and streamline your billing needs with our invoice management system.

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Complex Tax Compliance Made Simple

Our powerful payroll engine tackles the intricacies of tax compliance effortlessly. From federal to state to local taxes, our system ensures accurate calculations based on employee work locations, considering any reciprocity arrangements.

Rooftop Payroll Accuracy

Say goodbye to errors in payroll taxes. Our application validates both resident and work location address to guarantee precise rooftop payroll accuracy, minimizing discrepancies and ensuring smooth operations.

Comprehensive Deductions Processing

Seamlessly process all employee-related deductions, from pre- and post-tax insurance and retirements to multiple child support with proper sequencing and priority. Our system ensures accurate and compliant deduction processing, saving you time and mitigating risks.

Employer Contributions Management

Effortlessly handle employer contributions, including pre- and post-tax insurance and retirements, matching contributions, and compliance with contribution limits. Our system streamlines the process, ensuring accuracy and adherence to regulations.

PTO and Accrual Management

Our application simplifies PTO and accrual management, allowing for flexible calculations based on work locations or directly based on employees' job levels. Track sick pay based on state, county, or city-mandated plans, and automatically adjust accrual tier based on employee anniversary dates, maintaining accurate balances.

Flexible Payment Options

Empower your employees with convenient and reliable payment methods. Enjoy the convenience of multiple direct deposit setups for employees or instant pay card funding. Print secure live checks, generate ACH and positive pay files with ease, providing flexibility and convenience for your payroll processing needs.

Employee Self-Service

Enhance employee engagement and satisfaction by providing access to earning statements, W-2 forms, and 1095 forms via our intuitive mobile app or employee portal. Keep your workforce informed and empowered by allowing to easily update their personal details, such as address changes, contact information, and even their W-4 withholding allowances and manage their direct deposit preferences

Automated Notifications

Ensure transparency and timely communication by automatically notifying employees of their earnings after each payroll cycle.

Streamlined Tax Reporting and Filing

Our application simplifies tax reporting and filing processes. Generate and file W-2s, 1095 forms, 940 and 941 reports, and state income and unemployment filings effortlessly. Experience peace of mind with our robust tax reporting capabilities.

Unparalleled Speed and Scalability

Our system boasts the most robust and accurate payroll processing in the industry. Multiple users can simultaneously process thousands of payrolls within minutes, enabling you to meet deadlines and handle large volumes of payroll effortlessly.

Say Goodbye to Tedious Administrative Tasks

Our advanced payroll and accounts payable application system is designed to simplify your administrative tasks and provide accurate results with custom validations and business rules. Our application system saves you time and resources, eliminates tedious processing and management, and increases efficiency and accuracy. Join the top 1% in business who already benefit from our application system and take your administrative tasks to the next level.

    Say Goodbye to Tedious Administrative Tasks

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