Time & Expense Tracking

Workforce management solution for recruiting, built-in texting and emailing features, candidate matching, unlimited pay codes, reimbursement and deduction tracking, and various time tracking options with automatic calculations. The Time Management System offers unlimited pay codes, reimbursement and deduction tracking, and various time tracking options with automatic overtime and weighted overtime calculations. The integrated solutions aim to efficiently manage the workforce and ensure accurate payroll processing, eliminating the need for manual processes.

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Time & Expense Tracking


Mobile App with Geo-Fencing

Allow employees to clock in and out using their mobile devices, ensuring accurate time tracking from the work location.

Time Clock at the Work Location

Set up dedicated time clocks for employees to easily log their hours on-site, providing a reliable and secure method.

Employee and Customer Portal

Enable employees to enter and submit their hours for approval while customers can review and authorize time, fostering transparency and collaboration.

Direct Integration with Popular Time Clock Systems

Seamlessly integrate our application with popular time clock systems like Kronos, eliminating manual data entry and ensuring seamless time data transfer.

Time Import

Simplify time entry by importing hours directly from Excel or CSV files using our convenient import templates. All time data is available in real-time through our web application's Time Management System (TMS), providing up-to-date and accurate information.

Customizable Pay Codes

Enjoy the flexibility of unlimited pay codes, such as bonuses, PTO, reimbursements, and one-time deductions, allowing comprehensive processing alongside hours.

Missing Time Notifications

Our system proactively notifies related parties of any missing time, enabling recruiters to take prompt action and ensure accurate time records.

Branch or Centralized Time Tracking

Choose between branch-specific time tracking or centralized time management at the corporate level. Generate timesheets only for active assignments, streamlining processes and reducing unnecessary paperwork

Batch Processing and Simultaneous Users

Enter time in one batch or multiple batches based on criteria such as client, branch location, or pay period end dates. Our system simultaneously supports multiple users' processing time, enhancing productivity and efficiency

Automated Overtime Rules

Our system automatically processes overtime rules, ensuring accurate calculation and adherence to labor regulations.

Full Proofing Validation

Every time entry undergoes Sales & CRM comprehensive proofing validation to identify and address any business or compliance issues. From minimum wage validation to missing employee information and customer AR balance checks, our system ensures accuracy and compliance.

Optimize Time Tracking with Our Innovative Solution

In today’s fast-paced business world, time is money. As a top business professional, you understand the importance of maximizing workforce efficiency, so our Time Management System is the perfect solution for your organization. Optimize your time-tracking processes with our comprehensive application. Embrace the convenience of real-time data visibility, seamless integrations, and customizable features and compliance efforts. Experience the difference between efficient and accurate time tracking. Elevate your time management practices with our innovative software.

    Optimize Time Tracking with Our Innovative Solution

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