The Aqore Story

Aqore’s story begins back from 1997 when we met (don‘t ask Samar what happened, he doesn’t remember).

Interestingly, the two of us with opposite personality have been working together since then. Almost always, we both have an opposite point of view on every topic, and both are very passionate about convincing our viewpoint to the other. There have been many instances when we get into a discussion on a topic; where each convinces the other with their point of view so good that we switch sides in the middle of the discussion and end up supporting and debating for the very idea we opposed. We truly believe discussing ideas with passion brings more good ideas.

With over 20 years of experience in business process, technology, consultation and implementation we started Aqore to bring total technology solution with a core focus on service to the staffing industry. When it comes to software and systems, it’s not enough with just the technology, it is very important that it comes with the best support, service and consultation from the people that understands the industry and your special business needs. With this understanding, to help you succeed; our core focus is to provide concierge service to make each company become more efficient, productive and profitable.

Our core belief and foundational values are to provide a state-of-the-art technology solution with exceptional concierge service. With this as our core value, we at Aqore work as a team with a very simple motto -“When we do a job, we do a great job!”. We spend much of our time being actively involved with clients and sharing our experience, knowledge and the importance of quality product and service with our team member. This has allowed us to provide the best solution and the best service that our clients adore.

When it comes to technology, quantum computing is the next giant leap for mankind, the progress it represents for the future is astonishing. We want to be the company that brings technology and products that are forward-thinking, as well as provide a timely solution and service to our clients to give them a competitive advantage in the industry. With our strong core values and with inspiration from word quantum and adore; Aqore is at your service!

With our product and our emphasis on client engagement and customer service, we can help you leap forward. We guarantee it!


Our executive leadership team averages 20 years of experience in Staffing Industry.

Sandeep Acharya

Sandeep Acharya

With Leadership, determination and his drive to motive and inspire, Sandeep dwells at the intersection of technology, strategy and business process.

Sandeep holds a University degree in Marketing and Computer Information Systems from St Cloud State University, MN. Prior to Aqore, Sandeep had co-founded Avionte Software and served as it’s Chief Operations Officer. With over 20 years of extensive staffing industry experience, he has strategized efficient and cost effective business operations. and his dedication towards service implementation and quality standards are key in extensive sustainable growth. He has also served as Director of Operations at Tempworks software.

Samar Basnet

Samar Basnet

Samar is the man with a vision; a cool, calm and creative person who craves for technology and advanced automated solutions for business processes. His outstanding dedication to customer service and thoughtful problem solving abilities are adored by anyone who has worked with him. He also enjoys the exciting challenges of leading a young group of technical engineers that welcomes his quiet leadership style.

Prior to Aqore, Samar Co-founded Avionte Software and served as a Chief Software Architect of the company. He has over 20 years of experience in high volume ERP Systems including experience in leading ERP implementation projects, data conversion, business process re-engineering, etc. He also served as Senior Project Manager at Tempworks Software and holds a University degree in Statistics & Computer Information Systems from St. Cloud State University, MN.

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