The Aqore Story: The Team Behind Aqore

Our executive leadership team has 60 years of combined experience in the Staffing Industry.

Samar Basnet


Co-Founder, Samar Basnet, has over 25 years of expertise in high volume Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP) and proven success in project implementation, data conversion, and process re-engineering....Read More

Sandeep Acharya


Aqore co-founder, Sandeep Acharya has over 25 years of experience exclusively in the field of staffing software technology. His career path is akin to that of co- founder and friend, Samar Basnet. Upon graduating...Read More

Steve Zipparro

Vice President of Sales and Customer Retention

Steve’s career journey in staffing began in 2000 when he joined Robert Half International as a recruiter and business development specialist. He thrived in an industry...Read More

Aqore is a staffing software solutions company with 60 years of combined experience in staffing, technology, consultation, and systems implementation. Founded on a long-time business partnership and deep mutual friendship between two industry veterans, Samar Basnet and Sandeep Acharya. Together they share a passion for business technology optimization, specifically concerning the intricate and challenging world of the staffing industry. While they often have opposing viewpoints, many times convincing the other with their point of view, that they switch sides in the middle of the discussion and end up supporting and debating for the very idea the other opposed. They truly believe that when discussing ideas with passion, better ideas evolve. Samar and Sandeep have found that their ability to discuss varying viewpoints continuously results in bringing the very best products, processes, and solutions to their customers. When Samar and Sandeep recognized the various technology roadblocks found in the staffing industry, they strove to create a better, more efficient solution, and thus, in 2019, Aqore was born.

In 2021 the Aqore leadership team continued to grow with the addition of Steve Zipparro as Vice President of Sales and Customer Retention. When it comes to a software solution, it is imperative that the software solution comes with immediate, responsive support, service and consultation from a qualified, competent staff who understand the industry and its special business needs. Steve’s wealth of experience in the staffing industry, which include the day-to-day operations of running a successful staffing firm as well as being the “Power User” and trainer of various staffing software’s, algin perfectly with Aqore’s ideals and make him a valuable asset to the success of Aqore’s leadership team.

Every day we strive to be the company that provides technology and solutions that are forward-thinking and timely, along with exceptional concierge service to our clients, providing them a competitive advantage in the industry, making them more efficient, productive and profitable. When it comes to technology, quantum computing is the next giant leap for humankind, the progress it represents for the future is astonishing. With our strong core values and with inspiration from the word quantum and adore, Aqore is at your service!

Zenople: Our Solution to All Your Staffing Needs!

Our easy-to-use system encompasses all phases of the staffing process. Zenople's unique platform allows each department to seamlessly navigate front-end to back-end office needs.

Aqore's Core Values

  • Provide a state-of-the-art technology solution with exceptional concierge service.
  • Technology shouldn’t just operate properly; it should be user friendly and customizable

Zenople = Zen + People

People are the most amazing and fascinating mystery in this universe. Our all in one platform solution celebrates this mantra in name alone; Zenople! Zenople’s innovative technology recognizes the importance for employees and employers to move as one unit in pursuit of opportunities, efficiency and quality.