The current pandemic has changed organizations’ working modality across all industries, including staffing. The word ‘remote’ has taken charge of most staffing functions, from attracting candidates to onboarding employees to its management. While working remotely existed well before the Covid-19 outbreak, channeling remote strategies into the hiring process has become the norm. If things work out smoothly, this practice will likely continue in the post Covid-19 world, changing the hiring landscape.

However, many of our recruiter friends still need help adjusting to this new norm. To help them rejigger, we have gathered some of the staffing software features that recruitment agencies can leverage in their remote/digital hiring process.

Video Interviews

For the safety of the candidates and their own employees, organizations have switched from in-person interviews to video interviews in their hiring process. The availability of a myriad of software applications has enabled recruitment agencies to utilize the video call feature that these platforms offer. Applications like Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype are some of the trending tools that people use in their everyday lives – be it private or professional.

Automated Background Screening

Remote hiring causes recruiters to run the risk of hiring candidates without proper verification of the information provided by them. In order to combat this risk, Aqore in partnership with several background screening companies like Asurint, PeopleG2, and Choice has provided its software users with a seamlessly integrated automated background screening feature. This allows for instant background checks on the candidate, shortening the onboarding process as well as removing the hassle of traditional search methods.

Digital Onboarding

While many businesses have their hands tied due to the pandemic, recruitment firms, on the other hand, are up and running – all thanks to the digital onboarding technology. Aqore’s digital onboarding feature allows companies to seamlessly deploy customizable online onboarding and remote hiring tools that make the hiring process as easy as 1,2,3. Users can carry out the onboarding process from the comfort of their home without having to worry about physical office items. Recruiters can:

  • Remotely search and source talents with ease
  • Send mass text and emails
  • Maintain records through paperless e-signature onboarding documents
  • Visually track progress in the dashboard

Employ these features in your next hiring process and you’ll be in the ‘remote’ game in no time. To help get started, you can request for our product demo here.

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