If you are not reaping the benefits of two-way texting and alert features, then you are likely to be left far behind. Here is why

98% of people are likely to open text messages, while the email opening rate is just 20%.

95% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of being received and have a response rate of 45%, while email is only 6% response rate.

9 out of 10 people choose text messages as a medium to get business-related information.

Relationship building and speed to market are crucial to achieving success in the staffing industry. Using the preferred means of communication, which is texting, is a tool that can help achieve these goals.

Aqore provides a complete two-way texting feature fully built-in, to help you build a personal relationship with your candidates from job seekers to employees.

We are here to help you change the way you communicate and build a personal association with your candidates and also become a part of the memorable journey from job-seekers to employees. Here are examples of how Aqore’s texting automation is helping clients fill more jobs and stay on top of their markets.

Aqore’s texting function is simple and will help decrease no-show interviews.

  1. Applicants receive a text message with a calendar link to schedule an interview after they register.
  2. Applicants receive a text message reminder with a link for directions prior to their interview.
  3. Applicants receive a text message to complete their paperwork.

Speed to market is crucial! Our texting automation allows you to seamlessly schedule availability alerts for your passive/bench candidates, so you know who is available and ready to work.

Candidates receive scheduled availability texts based on their skills and location, so you keep your candidates engaged and effectively fill job orders quickly.

Candidates who feel appreciated and valued work more efficiently, which increases productivity and gives you high candidate retention and loyalty. Setting text reminders for your candidates is a great way to show that, you care!

  1. Candidate receives a personalized text on their birthday and other events.
  2. Candidate receives new assignment text with job details.
  3. Candidate receives new assignment reminder text with a link for direction prior to shift start.
  4. Candidate receives Health benefit text reminders during the open enrolment period.
  5. Candidate receives text reminder for Electronic consent and W2 information update.
  6. Candidate receives personalized 1st and 3rd-day check-in.
  7. Candidate and Supervisor receive text reminders to submit missing timesheets.

Spending hours making a series of phone calls to candidates can be extremely time-consuming and proven less effective in receiving returned responses. Aqore users can reach mass targeted audiences easily and fast through Bulk Text Messages

  1. Multiple candidates and applicants receive a text message alert for a new job opportunity.
  2. Users can send thousands of messages at one time. Since the Texting response rate is proven to have the most effective response rate, it increases the probability of filling vacant positions quickly.

Finally, when you aim at providing an incredible job experience, candidate and client feedback becomes significant. Once a candidate completes an assignment, you can send a text message for the candidate and the client to share their experience.

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