The Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) made public its anticipated emergency temporary standard, that was published in the Federal Register – November 5th. This rule applies to organizations that have at least 100 employees, and constitutes that all employees should be vaccinated against COVID-19, or wear a mask and provide weekly test results showing a negative result. 

With this being said, we at Aqore, can help staffing companies through this tumulus period by bringing a series of implementations that will make this process seamless, such as:

  1. Utilization of mobile phones and applications that permit the verification steps for employees relating to areas around new policies, vaccination statuses, upload of documentations and weekly testing.
  2. Aqore will uphold the role of a single system of record, allowing staffing firms to vet and see if employees are compliant to OSHA mandate standards, or if further action needs to be taken as well as laying out the steps necessary for the proposed employee to be deemed compliant. 
  3. Third-party verification that is merged and operated with Aqore that can be used on a case by case basis. 
  4. Ability to allow staffing firms to include COVID tracking as part of their business operations and generate regulatory reports and all documentation that are submitted by employees.

Finally, with Aqore, our solution allows you to streamline applicant tracking to new hire onboarding (taking into consideration government mandates) and client management with a unique approach of workflow and tasks. We are confident that Aqore will deliver 100% ROI and the only system that you need for all your onboarding, recruiting, sales, payroll and billing solutions without needing third party integration. To find out and learn more please visit our website to contact us at https://www.aqore.com/our-solution/#LinkTo-125.

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