If you’ve been in the staffing industry for more than ten minutes, then you’ve undoubtedly recognized the layers upon layers of moving parts required to fulfill a job order. In layman’s terms – recruiting is hard!

The majority of staffing software’s haven’t seen a facelift in over 10 years! And no, looks aren’t everything, but because these systems lack the ability to incorporate much of today’s modern technology, staffing agencies are finding it exceedingly difficult to find job seekers, struggle to fill job orders and thus miss out on high potential growth opportunities.

To combat this issue, agencies find themselves muddling through workarounds via multiple applications to accommodate their recruiting demands. These expensive and time-consuming efforts create distractions and can be growth-prohibitive.

Designing a user-friendly virtual recruitment process to attract job seekers is vital. Identifying technology solutions that can provide remote recruiting tools such as mobile onboarding, mass texting, training videos, and a multitude of tools that will enhance the ability to attract and engage more job seekers in our rapidly growing virtual environment. Adopting technology that provides a less cumbersome experience for the job seeker and recruiter, will significantly lower application drop-offs and allow your recruiters to successfully fill more job orders!

And while the thought of learning and implementing an entirely new platform can be overwhelming, embracing the latest software will allow your firm to attract more job seekers, deliver an exceptional job seeker experience, increase your recruiter’s productivity levels, and help your firm achieve a higher rate of growth.

Stop spending valuable time and money on tedious, time-consuming tasks that produce minimal results. Ditch your archaic Software and propel the future of your agency with Zenople.

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