The job market is ripe with opportunity, but statistically, there continues to be a deficit in the number of applicants to fill these positions. The psychology and mindset of job seekers have evolved over the last few years – they have greater control over their career journey and are re-imaging the definition of being an employee. How can you reduce the level of candidate drop-off in such a candidate-centric realm and market? It’s simple – automated technology!

Automate Primary Recruiting Processes

And yes – we’ve discussed automation in previous blogs, but let’s dive deeper in case you missed it! First, let’s run through what the recruitment process looks like:

  • Job Postings
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Interview and Hire
  • Onboarding

From candidate sourcing to background checks, automation technology will ensure that your candidates are engaged throughout the entire process with less effort on your recruitment staff. And trust me – the thought of having to embrace a new software system is nothing short of challenging. The reality is that if you don’t, you will see a decline in productivity and the quality of hires will suffer.

Eliminate Roadblocks

As a former recruiter in the hospitality industry, I can tell you that there is no greater anxiety than having to replace “no-shows “on the day of an event. Not only does this take away from ensuring your client’s event runs smoothly but having to offer increased pay rates seriously impacts company revenue.

So, when does a candidate drop off, and what’s the primary cause? Well, given the number of stages involved from job posting to job placement, each stage is fair game! In a nutshell, delayed responses to applicants, a lack of stable communication, duplicate information, and overcomplicated processes, will directly influence the likelihood of client drop-off.

This poses a subsequent question: “How will automation prevent applicant and employee drop-off?” Let’s look at a few of the technologies embedded in Zenople that your agency might be using outside of your ATS system:

Job Postings

Not only does Zenople have a native job posting portal, but it’s fully partnered with ZipRecruiter, Indeed, Haley Marketoing, CareerBuilder and others. Recruiters will only need to create one job posting that will automatically post in all integrated recruiting channels. Each application will then be routed to the recruiter’s Zenople Dashboard so that they can address by date of receipt.

Background Checks

We MUST have them! I don’t know about you, but if I had to manually create reminders for each and every touchpoint, I probably wouldn’t get much accomplished. Companies such as Asurint, Choice Screening, PeopleG2, Crimcheck and ADP, are excellent at alerting their clients when the results of a background check are ready. That is why our system is fully integrated with these and many of the most recognized background and WOTC programs Not only will you be able to log into one system, but anything that is ready for review will appear in your Dashboard.

Develop Integrated Partnerships

If you’ve started shopping for more up-to-date software, you’re probably wondering “What about our current integrations?” That is absolutely a question you should be asking as you’re seeking an enhanced software solution! Software that is partnered with your existing vendors makes for a seamless transition and, most importantly, everything will be automated within one system!

In every demo call, staffing agencies consistently describe their current system as “CLUNKY!” The “clunki-ness” they’re referencing isn’t just about the visual appeal of the software, but that their current ATS isn’t advanced enough to properly interpret the technology used by most of their vendors. If you want to embrace automation, your staffing platform must be in line with that of your vendor’s modern technology.

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