As a former recruiter, I’ve spent countless hours phrasing job descriptions, posting on multiple job sites, and manually sifting through hundreds of applicants in search of available, qualified candidates. And this is just the tip of the staffing iceberg.

In our last article, How Archaic Software Is Directly Impacting the Growth of Your Staffing Firm, we discussed the gaps in staffing technology. As a result, everyday business operations consist of a hodge-podge of “workarounds” by way of multiple applications and manually created excel spreadsheets.

This piecemealed approach means the bulk of company hours are centered on tedious tasks, hindering the ability to capture talented candidates. By automating your staffing operations, your organization will have the freedom to focus its efforts on efficient and effective hiring.

Key Benefits of Automatization

  1. Hire Talent Faster
  2. Decrease Drop-Off
  3. People Focused vs. Admin Focused

Hire Talent Faster

The hiring process can be long and drawn-out. According to glassdoor.com, companies spend an average of nearly 24 days to hire a candidate and begin the onboarding process. In another survey conducted by hrdive.com, as of 2020, 61% of job seekers use their mobile devices to seek and apply for opportunities – that’s a 21% increase compared to 2019!

To attract more applicants and retain existing staff, businesses are quickly adopting platforms that offer employee portals and mobile access integration. These user-friendly, automated applications directly influence candidate behavior. Employee portals allow potential candidates the ability to promptly submit their application, monitor their candidacy status, schedule interviews, and complete the onboarding documentation with ease.

Decrease Drop-Off

The primary reason for candidate drop-off can be summed up in one word: Communication!

Combat tedious and complex communication with integrated texting and email capabilities that will automatically trigger task workflows and thus create a clear channel of communication with candidates. Task workflow intelligence will allow your recruiters to proactively communicate with candidates and simplify important tasks such as interview/onboarding checklists, assignment confirmation, and attendance communication. This simple communication process will heighten candidate engagement and severely decrease candidate drop-off.

People Focused vs. Admin Focused

In any industry, employee engagement plays a significant role in obtaining and retaining standout employees. Recruitment professionals will tell you that a large amount of time spent on repetitive administrative tasks makes it difficult to provide applicants, employees, and clients with a personalized experience. A culture of disengagement leads to a decreased talent pool, a higher drop-off rate, potential no-shows, and frustrated clients. Implementing automation that organizes and minimizes repetitive administrative tasks will reduce unnecessary back-and-forth emails, texts, and phone calls, allowing your recruitment professionals to focus on candidate engagement and consistently provide outstanding employees to your clients.

Overall, automation enables your recruitment team to be highly effective! They will attract and engage top talent quicker, prevent drop-off and feel empowered with the ability to be able to focus on people rather than administrative processes.

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