It’s no secret, there’s a mobile app for just about anything you can think of and then some. As we discussed in last week’s blog, 61% of job seekers are reaching for their mobile devices. According to pewresearch.org, 33% of Americans don’t have high-speed internet. With this realization, recruiters are eager to incorporate mobile capability to their staffing process.

From an internal perspective, here are a few examples of how mobile apps are increasing recruitment and operation efficiencies.

Decrease Response Time with Push Notifications

Ninety percent of text messages sent are read within 3 minutes – yes, we are obsessed with our phones! With that in mind, mobile apps with 2-way email and text push notifications are the most effective way to reach candidates quickly. Your team will reduce the amount of time spent manually reaching out to candidates and in turn, will decrease delays in recruiter’s response.

Less Time Spent Chasing Down Paperwork & Colleagues for Information

According to articlecube.com, “employees spend 9.3 hours a week searching and gathering information.” With more companies embracing the option to work remotely, information hunting has become increasingly challenging. A recruitment mobile app designed to communicate across all internal channels significantly decreases the amount of time trying to connect with colleagues and thus increases overall productivity. Enabling your recruitment staff to access real-time comments and adjustments made by their colleagues, eliminates a game of phone and email tag.

Mobile Job Management

While most recruiting software advertise as being “end-to-end,” the truth is, very few are optimized for mobile use by both employee and recruiter. And those that do, struggle to capture positive reviews from their users due to the constant connectivity issues. Why? Because it’s not a feature native to their existing platform. A growing number of staffing agencies are beginning to recognize the value of adopting mobile technology as part of their recruiting and job management process. However, they’re having to resort to an a la carte mobile app at an added cost and that doesn’t seamlessly communicate with their software. Aqore’s staffing software Zenople, has its own native mobile app! Having been in the staffing industry for several decades, our founders understand the value a robust software system that includes the latest in technology.

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